While the administration and staff of Lewinsville Montessori does not wish to interfere in any manner with private life choices of the families we serve, we are responsible for the safety of the children in our care. We believe that it is our obligation to prevent children from being released to persons who, in our opinion, may be unable to provide safe transport upon leaving our school. Lewinsville Montessori cannot and does not accept responsibility for the well-being of child(ren) once the child(ren) has been released to their parents or other authorized adults (individually and/or collectively “parents”). There are times, however, when as an entity dedicated to the well-being of children, we may be placed in a position where we believe that we must take certain actions solely for the purpose of securing the safety of children enrolled in our school.

The following policy sets forth actions which we believe may be necessary to take should parents arrive to pick up children in a condition that appears to us to indicate influence of drug, alcohol or other influences which may endanger the safety or well-being of the children in their custody.

  1. If parents arriving to retrieve their child(ren) are considered by two or more staff to possibly be in an intoxicated or otherwise unfit condition to transport children safely, the parent may be asked to seek alternative transportation home for both themselves and the child(ren). If the parent desires, Lewinsville Montessori personnel will call a friend, relative, or taxi to take the parent and child(ren) home at the parent’s expense.
  2. In the event the parents do not accept Lewinsville Montessori’s personnel’s recommendations to obtain alternative transportation, the employee(s) of Lewinsville Montessori have been instructed by Child Protective Services to call the local police department and request assistance to prevent the parents from attempting the unsafe transportation of children. Subsequently, police officials could elect to charge parents with a crime such as public drunkenness, and/or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or may recommend that the parents be reported to Child Protective services for child abuse.

Please sign below to attest that you have red, understand, and agree to the above policy, and that you will comply with this policy as a condition for the enrollment of your child(ren) at Lewinsville Montessori. (All Parents and Guardians MUST sign.)